In Memories - Caesar †

We pray for him and his owner Harry Dubs
Caesar was died after an accident! He was so young
He was his best friend!
German Youth Champion VDH American Dream Devil's Caesar
Born - 31.07.2010
Died - 07.08.2012

Tears in my eyes dim my view the
I miss you so and will return no more

Only a few days ago it came as the fate
I see you are still there, took you into the poor

Did you have loved me so much
only briefly you suffered was over your life short

One minute you were with me saw me one last time
where did you go, my dear, I ask myself full of agony

're Probably in the rainbow country without suffering, are you there, hopefully the good,
that we meet again relieves pain, gives new mut days of light and shadow, day, full of joy and happiness

I have only the memory of the beautiful time back with you
A look in your eyes happy and we had found ourselves
were played have so raged like my consolation for hours in heavy

I have always faithfully accompanied me thanks you so sure
your space is certainly in my heart, there still here

Until you're lying in my arms will perish much time
visit me in my dream still am glad to see you so happy

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